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Based in California but serving the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses across the world, ESQgo®, PC offers a wide array of intellectual property services to meet the demands of the modern commercial world. With a focus on the unique challenges of e-commerce, ESQgo® works with sellers and other businesses, from startup to growth - protecting and growing the value of your business by delivering personalized intellectual property solutions.


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Amazon Sellers struggle to find the right team to help them with their intellectual property (IP) and Amazon legal needs because very few IP and commercial law attorneys are familiar with or specialize in the Amazon environment. By partnering with ESQgo®, Seller Universe eCommerce Group connects you with an expert legal team whenever they need help with any dispute with Amazon.

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As your Amazon business grows, sellers will inevitably encounter issues relating to allegations of policy violations, account level and listing deactivations, and other disputes with Amazon. While you certainly don’t need an attorney for every step of running your Amazon business, certain issues are best (and sometimes only) addressed through professional legal representation. That’s where ESQgo® comes in.

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ESQgo®, PC is an intellectual property law firm founded by a lawyer and former $1,000,000+ Amazon seller. They guide online business owners through Amazon account and ASIN reinstatements, listing hijacker removal, intellectual property complaints and appeals, and many other issues and concerns. As a modern Amazon seller law firm, the mission of ESQgo® is to focus not only on your immediate legal matter but also on your future goals and potential as an e-commerce business.

"In looking for a way to better serve our clients, we created a unique solution that we refer to as Synthetic Arbitration® or “SynArb®” for short. It is a balance of creative problem-solving paired with aggressive advocacy. This proprietary process, created exclusively for clients of ESQgo®, is faster and cheaper than Amazon arbitration and more effective in resolving complex disputes. "

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