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Demand and Inventory Planning for DTC Brands

From supply-chain optimization to inventory management and capital allocation, Flieber is revolutionizing the way multi-channel online retailers do business.By using a system with advanced data analytics, machine learning and real-time connections between sales forecast, inventory availability and supply-chain decisions, Fliber helps your eCommerce brand dramatically reduce stock-outs that hurt sales and overstocks that hurt margins and capital allocation.


Innovation that comes with the growth of your brand

We know your struggles when it comes to real-time visibility and figuring out how much product to order to prevent running out of stock or having too much stock.  So we partnered up with Flieber to provide you with a solution that lets you get a 360-degree view of your business in a single platform and manage your inventory better.

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Demand planning done the right way

Understanding that inventory management is one of the biggest challenges that modern retailers need to overcome, Seller Universe eCommerce Group partnered with Flieber to provide your business with one unified solution - giving you complete visibility into your forecast, inventory levels, open purchases and transfers, replenishment needs, sales pace and more.

Creating perfect harmony for your sales and inventory

With Flieber's partnership, we can eliminate your need to synchronize spreadsheets from sales and inventory when preparing for an audit- taking a huge burden off the backs of your team. We can also eliminate the risk of having inconsistencies in your data. Seller Universe eCommerce Group partnered with Flieber to help provide you with the most accurate sales and inventory reports within seconds.

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